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Sir Arthur Cotton Barrage

Maddigadda reservoir,

Polavaram L.I.scheme,

Chagalnadu L.I.Scheme,

Gannavaram aqueduct,

Surampalem reservoir,

Bhupathipalem reservoir,

 Sir Arthur Cotton Barrage:

Sir Arthur Cotton Barrage constructed in 4 arms across Godavari replacing original anicut. For surplussing the maximum discharge of the order of 98917 cumecs (34,93,750 cusecs). The barrage consists of 175 No. of vents for passing flood waters and 3 head sluices to supply irrigation supplies. There are 3 intervening embankments alignment of the barrage and the total length including islands is 5.837 Kms. The three Deltas get dofasli ie., khariff and rabi.


The present ayacut under Godavari Delta System is 10,13,161 acres spreading over 3 deltas in East Godavari and West Godavari Districts.


Godavari Eastern Delta and Godavari Central Deltas are situated in East Godavari District. Godavari Eastern and Central Deltas abutting the Gowthami, Vasista and Vynatheyam branches of Godavari river.


Western Delta on the right side of Vasista branch of Godavari River is situated in West Godavari District.




Ayacut in acres


Godavari Eastern (including Pithapuram Branch canal)



Godavari Central



Godavari Western





G.E. & G.C. Deltas are in East Godavari District:

There are 254 Kms length of main canals and 857 Kms of distributories, totally 1101 Kms length of irrigation canal net work is established to serve an ayacut of 1,13,842 ha. (2,81,303 acres) in Eastern Delta is spread over in 23 Mandals. There are 199 Kms length of main canals and 742 Kms of distributories, totally 941 Kms length of irrigation canal net work is established to serve an ayacut of 81,706 ha (2,01,896 acres) in Central Delta is spread over in 16 Mandals.

The following are the completed medium irrigation projects in the District viz., Pampa Reservoir, Maddigedda Reservoir Scheme, Torrigedda Pumping Scheme, Tarakarama Ramavarapu Ava L.I. Scheme and Subbareddy sagar Project with a total irrigation potential of 48,070 acres.






Pampa Reservoir



Maddigedda Reservoir



Torrigedda Pupmping Scheme



Tarakarama Ramavarapu Ava L.I. Scheme



Subbareddy Sagar





The minor irrigation sources in East Godavari District under Irrigation Department, Panchayat Raj Department and A.P.S.I.D.C. cover an ayacut of 53,414 ha (1,31,986 acres), 15,339 ha. (37,903 acres) and 10,572 ha (26,123 acres) respectively.

The number of minor irrigation sources under the Irrigation Department is 290 and the number of sources under the Panchayat Raj Department is 1,253. The total ayacut of 53,414 ha. (1,31,986 acres) + 15,339 ha (37,903 acres) = is 68,753 ha (1,69,889 acres).


Maddigedda reservoir project is an on going medium irrigation scheme near Addateegala Village and mandal in East Godavari district. The project contemplates to irrigate an ayacut of 4000 acres.

The Project was taken up for execution in 10/1976 and the works relating to head works and main canal up to KM 12.025 including distributaries were completed with an expenditure of Rs.3.70 crores. Irrigation potential to an extent of 2700 acres was created against the ultimate potential of 4000 acres by 07/1981. The balance works of the canal system were held up for want of forest clearance since 1984, and due to Paucity of funds etc.


Polavaram Lift Irrigation Scheme is proposed at Km. 12.53 of AGLB on Godavari river near Munakala Lanka village of Seethanagaram mandal in East Godavari district. The scheme envisages to provide irrigation facilities to the existing ayacut under YLMC and Pampa Schemes to an ayacut of 38829, acres of Prathipadu, Sankhavaram, Thondangi, Tuni and Kotananduru mandals of East Godavari district. The total demand under the project is 4t99TMC, which can be met with, from the dependable yield allocated to Polavaram Project. The scheme also provides drinking water facility to 2 lakh people enroute the canal system.


The Chagalnadu Lift Irrigation Scheme envisages pumping of water from the river Godavari in two stages involving a total lift of 47.36 M and is located near Katheru Village about 5 Km from Rajahmundry town in East Godavari district. This is a major irrigation scheme benefiting 35,000 acres during Kharif season with utilization of 2.845 TMC in 35 villages of the Chagalanadu area of Rajahmundry, Korukonda, Rajanagaram, Rangampeta, Anaparthi, Mandapeta and Biccavolu mandals. Besides, the scheme envisages to provide drinking water for 35 villages enroute. The ayacut is already covered under the proppsed Polavaram Left Main Canal and the present scheme is proposed to derive early benefits.


Construction of new aqueduct cum road bridge across the river Vynatheyam near Gannavaram Village, East Godavari district has been taken up to replace the century old Gannavaram Aqueduct to facilitate crossing of Gannavaram Canal near Vynatheyam and also to irrigate an ayacut of 45,000 acres in Nagaram island benefiting a large number of small and marginal farmers.


Surampalern reservoir scheme is a medium irrigation scheme across Buradakalva near Surampalem (V), Gangavaram (M) in East Godavari district. The cost of the scheme is Rs.52.26 crores and the proposed ayacut is 14480 acres.


Bhupathipalem Reservoir Scheme is a Medium Irrigation Scheme across Seethapalli Vagu near Bhupathipalem (V) in Rampachodavaram (M) of East Godavari (D).

The Scheme envisages formation of earth dam of 748 M. with central spillway of 66 M with 5 Radial gates of size 10 m x 7.5 m each. The capacity of Reservoir is 645.11 M.Cft. It is proposed to serve an ayacut of 12100 A/c (4897 Ha.) in two mandals of Rampachodavaram and Gangavaram. The entire ayacut belongs to tribals. In addition 31 tribal villages will get drinking water facility enroute canal length of 31.5 Km. It is also proposed to divert 845.23 M.Cft. of water to Surampalem reservoir which is proposed to taken up across Burada Kalva at km. 18.55 to irrigate the ayacut of 12260 A/c (4962. Ha). The estimate cost of project is 56.21 Crores.

The forest land of 180 Ha; Government land of 83 Ha; and Private land of 4l7 Ha will be submerged. The afforestation land of 210 Ha is allotted to the forest department as against 180 Ha. The proposals were submitted to Principal Chief Conservator of Forest Hyderabad. Further particulars called for by the DFO Kakinada are under collection from the forest department.

Environmental clearance:- Comprehensive EIA & EMP, Report conversing Catchment Area Treatment, Command Area Development, R&R Plans etc., have been entrusted to Agriculture Finance Corporation Hyderabad in 1997. AFC has submitted the report. The Chief Engineer Investigation, Hyderabad has submitted the same to the Government

C.W.C. Clearance:- The project is accepted by the the CWC in the 75th meeting of Advisory Committee held on 18-12-2000 for an estimated cost of Rs. 47.23 Crores (1998-99 SSR) subject to certain conditions, such as review of design flood, approval of R&R master plan, provision of adequate funds, and clearance for diversion of 180 Ha of forest land.

-         http://www.ap.gov.in/apirrigation/organisations/CE's/godavari/


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